Benefits of Computerization of Medical Store

Information technology has become an increasingly important part of the pharmaceutical retail business. Even before computers became common in the workplace, pharmacy retails store business owners studied the potential for computers to improve their work. Pharmaceutical IT helps pharmacists to manage the supply chain, inventory management, accounting management, employee management, patient retention and run the business day to day activity in a smooth fashion. Further the computerized checkout system can deliver reports on sales by the day, month and week etc.

Records and Files

It's common for pharmacies to store patient histories and prescriptions electronically to make it easier to identify which prescriptions are ready for refills and which doctor to contact about refills. This requires an integrated pharmacy technology to connect the medical network.

Controlling the Drugs

Computer technology helps pharmacies better manage their supplies. Barcodes on bottles and containers allow the pharmacy staff to record what drugs and compounds they have on hand and in what quantities. The barcodes also make it easier to confirm that the right product has been delivered, stored, retrieved and dispensed to customers. Several types of robotic, computer-controlled devices for measuring drug doses for customers have come to market at the time of publication.

Point of Sales System

Pharma retail store business, need to collect the payments from the users and need payment gateway. Our software is integrated with payment systems which helps the users to make one stop shop to run business operations effectively.

Business Details

A pharmacy is a business, and computers help run the business operations efficiently. The computerized checkout system can deliver reports on sales by the day, month and week. That data help track which drugs are in greatest demand, when peak shopping hours are and how efficiently staff handle requests. All of this makes it easier to analyze the pharmacy's financial performance. Computers also make it easier to handle routine business tasks, such as recording, tracking and paying vendor bills.

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