Compliance designed by GCM Pharma Soft for Pharmacy Retail Business Owners

Pharmacies must comply with a growing number of regulations from various local, state and federal agencies. The frequency of audits and the fine amounts for non-compliance has been increasing over the period of time. GCM Pharma Soft Software's COMPLIANCE tracking system helps you to relieve the stress caused by setting up policies, procedures and training programs to comply with current regulations plus keeping track of any new legally required changes. Below are some of the compliance what we have and increasing day by day to meet the regularity requirement.

  • Online Employee Training and Tracking
  • Expiry Management
  • Drugs and Sales Audit
  • Recording Maintenance
  • Bio Metric Data Protection
  • GST Reports
  • Invoice and Drug Delivery
  • Policies and Procedures required for Pharmacy Compliance
  • Medication Prescriber Name and Contact information
  • Identical Program Formatting for an Easy Learning Curve
  • Drug use-age Consultation
  • Automatic updates as Laws Change
  • Industry-Leading Customer Service
  • Health Record Maintenance
  • Data Privacy
  • Risk Management
  • Audit Management

Our software "Compliance Policy" designed to make all updates periodically which matches & meets to your local, state and federal regulatory needs. Our compliance makes government audits easier, less costly, and much more efficiency.

To know more about compliance requirements please contact us.