Easy Implementation

GCM Pharma Soft Software is a user friendly pharmacy retail store management solution that offers an integrated workflow; POS, pill imaging, expiry alter management, compounding, barcode generation, task management and document management within a suite. GCM Pharma Soft software is primarily designed for independent, small chain, outpatient, drug store chains and multi-chain pharmacy retails stores. GCM Pharma Soft software is user friendly and our software implementation is easy. The platform’s pharmacy management software allows users to design their own workflow for various prescriptions.

Our software is easy to implement and our features include point-of-sale capabilities, pill imaging, inventory management, compounding, accounting management, employee management, health care network coordination, rack management, e prescription, prescription travel, barcode generation and more. The solution helps service providers fill electronic prescriptions by reviewing existing patient, prescribed and drug inventory data. Users are also provided with a compliance dashboard that gives users information about refill management.

To know more about our product and the services, or have further question on how to use our products please contact us at help@gcmpharmasoft.com and one of our team member will contact you.