GCM Pharma Soft "Software's" are a user friendly and customizable i.e. something that you can change according to a "Yours" particular needs). Our custom built pharmacy software's and specialty pharmacy software's development includes managing dispensing workflows, master patient indexes, approved medication lists, vendors list, distributors list medical and Pharma medical network to complete the circle. We also provide compliance management, pharmacy analytics, and formulary databases make your job easy.

Our accelerated pharmacy workflows and accuracy by programming robotic dispensing systems to automate prescription fills, formula compounding, and other pharmacy operations. Our customization allows you to integrate our tolls with vendors, distributors and inventory management programs, prescription travel, auto refill systems, and printer/labeler embedded software. We secure prescription dispensers and storage cabinets using encryption and access control best practices.

Our software offers custom integrations for streamlining referrals, insurance eligibility verification, prior authorization, claims processing, appeals management, remittance advice and benefits coordination etc. Our built in tool helps an accounts receivable platforms for managing insurer reimbursements, automating invoices, and processing payments.

Our software allows to receive a secure transmission of "Electronic Prescriptions Travel" between points of doctors, health care provide and pharmacist. It also helps to build e-Prescribing systems that accelerate the filling, renewal, modification, and cancellations of medical scripts, as well as the procurement of prior authorization.

Things are many-many, but we are here to customize your needs. Please call us and talk with us for you needs. Our need specialist will customize. We "Promise You" that We "Customize" for you.