Collaboration Made Easy - by GCM Pharma Soft

Pharmacy retail store business owners are practicing in an interdisciplinary team environment. Opportunities exist for pharmacists to collaborate with other healthcare professionals such a doctors, health care providers and all other medical and paramedical professionals. Our integrated collaborative system results are in improved patient outcomes and reduce overall costs.

While pharmacists continue to advocate for provider status nationwide, pharmacists are already providing expanded patient care services through our collaborative system of practice. This opportunity is a voluntary, formal relationships between pharmacists and physicians or other providers that allow for certain patient care functions, including but not limited to modification or initiation of drug therapy, performing, interpreting, or ordering laboratory tests, and conducting physical assessments, as authorized by the practitioner under specified situations and conditions.

GCM Pharma Soft's approach to medication dispensing and management encompasses the health care goal of improving patient care and outcomes- connecting the patient to safe medication therapy, even after discharge. Further our collaborations software connects all points of pharmacy from manufacturer to the end user with integrating with other medial professional a single network. The pharmacy professional has unrivaled medication expertise. GCM Pharma Softy pharmacy solutions are designed to capitalize on pharmacists’ clinical capabilities and to fully realize their role within both the medication process and patient care continuum.

Our expanding enhanced services open the door for community pharmacists to embed themselves within a provider's practice or provide additional patient care services directly in the pharmacy.

Finally our goal is being a create a circle of successes to make the community health. To know more about our collaborative systems please call us.