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GCM Pharmacy Soft - Industry Global Leader for Pharmaceutical Store Management Software's, developed by Medical and Non Medical Professionals to help the "Community Pharmacy Services" for the better use of drug use-age. Our software's helps the pharmacist to run the store smoothly and effectively by meeting the local, state and federal compliances.

GCM Pharmacy Software offering a wide variety of modules, such as inventory module, branch module, expiry module, rock module, prescription travel, drug delivery, retention of patient, follow ups, accounting module, payroll module, sales modules, and employee module, global prescription travel, electronic prescription, drug usage, cash flow analysis, vendors, bookkeepers, manufactures, regularity agencies, and making network among the medical, pharmaceutical and other professionals etc to complete the objects of the user.

Things are many - many, but here are few bullets about our project vision.

We are a part of "Hierarchy", we are also connecting Medical Representative Module/ Dealer Associate Module, Dealer Module, C&F Module, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Management Module. We are interlinking with each other from one end to other end to complete the circle. Finally we are GLOBAL.


Increase Front-End Sales with GCM Pharma Soft Software's

One of the most populated areas in medical sales is pharmaceutical sales. It continues to grow and become more rewarding in various ways year over year. Independent pharmacies have vast opportunities to increase front-end sales and turn prescriptions into the most profitable option that benefits the patient and the pharmacy. Our GCM Pharma Soft "Software's" helps you strategies that you will always be able to implement within your pharmacy over and over again as profitable markets change. Pharmacy retail business owners will learn how to increase front-end sales based on products already in your store or by ordering new lines.

Inventory Control

GCM Pharma Soft provides a platform for our customers with the ability to better manage their product and inventory usage with in the store by various methods. This simplified inventory system makes life easier whether receiving, removing, or ordering

inventory and can be done completely wireless.

Industry specialist points may be set for regularly used products, which allow the system to seamlessly build replenishment orders based on usage. This process creates an order in an online template that can be reviewed for modifications or submission.


GCM Pharma Soft Software's have new tools to manage the pharmacy store, with new technology and innovative business solutions needed for today's pharmacy, then it might be time for a change. Your business masters deserves more and more needs and our software's taking what your needs. Few are our bullets.

  • Versatile business tools, like our powerful web-based reporting dashboard to help you review trends and guide you on the road to profitability
  • Retain more business, promote adherence and combat prescription abandonment with an E prescription savings program
  • Unique care offerings to help you reach new patients and expand your pharmacy's revenue streams
Customer relationship management solution to bring patient care to the optimum level

GCM Pharma Soft offers a vertical CRM solution that enables pharmaceutical, distributors, dealer and manufactures companies to automate industry-specific business processes and improve customer experience. Pharmaceutical companied leverage GCM Pharma Soft Software's CRM to automate processes and increase revenue by empowering their field force with tools for cycle activities planning, marketing, sales and comprehensive analytics.

Financial Management Software Trusted by World Leading Brands

GCM Pharma Soft is among the most experienced pharmacy accounting software providers in both online and offline solutions. Businesses of all sizes, such as single store or multiple locations and inter company pharma accounting needs, are benefiting from various valuable rich features such as fillings, reporting, profit and loss statements, cash flow analysis and all other features which are easily customized, low maintenance and highly rated support, all at an attractive total cost of ownership.

As a pharmacy retail business owner, your goal is healthy patients, but as a business owner, it’s a healthy business. GCM Pharma Soft software - is the best pharmacy software which helps you with both. Your pharmacy’s business success is pointed by milestones, and those milestones can be measured in quantifiable results with reports. With our reporting tool, you can generate any kind of report such as hourly report, day report, weekly report, monthly report, category report and all other "your desired reports". Your options are infinite!

A report or account is an informational work, such as writing, speech, television or film, made with the intention of relaying information or recounting events in a presentable form.


Fist In First Out means the product that has been on hand will be picked and sold first. This methodology allows the business owners to keep product rotating in the order it was received. And also this helps to sell the foods before expiration.

  • Products are picked in order by expiration date.
  • GCM Pharma Soft Software's uses the barcode ID to verify which product to send based on FIFO rules.
  • GCM Pharma Soft Software's will direct you to pick the soonest expiring Lot.

    Why do businesses choose GCM Pharma Soft to manage Retail Pharmacy Business?


    Pharmacies must comply with a growing number of regulations from various local, state and federal agencies. The frequency of audits and the fine amounts for non-compliance

    Easy Implementation

    GCM Pharma Soft Software is a user friendly pharmacy retail store management solution that offers an integrated workflow, POS, pill imaging, expiry alter management,


    GCM Pharma Soft "Software's" are a user friendly and customizable i.e. something that you can change according to a "Yours" particular needs).


    Pharmacy retail store business owners are practicing in an interdisciplinary team environment. Opportunities exist for pharmacists to collaborate with other healthcare professionals